Updated eBay Photographs Fail To Display The Correct Pictures To Customers

21-JAN-2022 Updated Photographs On eBay Listings Are Not Showing To Customers.

I noticed that some of my photographs updated long-ago were showing the old pictures on live listings.  Murray Lambell, (V.P. of eBay UK) Eve Williams, (Head of eBay UK marketing) and Bradford "Made-Up Name" Shellhammer, (Head of eBay New York and singularly failing to impress a Manchester audience with his prancing antics in September 2021) were at pains to impress upon eBay sellers the importance of uploading new and many good quality photographs of their items for sale.  That's not much use if you display the old ones is it, so-called eBay for Business?  No.  So; It's onto the eBay telephone line of lies we go!  Below are the long and tedious conversations on the issue.  Warning!  They contain many eBay lies, as indicated by me on the video by the 1970's Blankety-Blank style Lie Stick.

21-JAN-2022 Audio Recording of eBay Seller Support Concerning Old Photographs Showing Long After New Ones Are Uploaded

YouTube Video of Ebay Telephone Line of Lies: Updated Pictures Fail To Display on Live Listings 21-JAN-2022 Ep 01

Local Video Copy pictures_fail_21012022.mp4

Call Summary:

1) We establish that on eBay's internal tool they see the new pictures, but on live listings paying customers see the old pictures.
2) I say that it is unprofessional to have a party going on in the background during a telephone call.
3) The call operative puts the microphone closer to her mouth.  Sigh.
4) The problem is, "sent off to the relevant department."

During this conversation we have continuous Boiler Room laughter and hilarity in the background, at times making the conversation very difficult.  This is not funny, eBay for so-called business.  Your boilerroom call centers are scamming you, Jamie Iannone, Robert Hattrell, and Murray Lambell.  If only you would listen to them.

01-FEB-2022 Updated Photographs On eBay Listings Are Still Not Showing To Customers.

No correction of the ebay site failure, no emails, no updates.  So, I'll try again. 

01-FEB-2022: Audio Recording of eBay Seller Support, Updated Pictures Still Failing to Display to Customers on Live Listings

YouTube Video of Ebay Telephone Line of Lies: Updated Pictures Fail To Display on Live Listings 01-FEB-2022 Ep 02

Local Video Copy old_pictures_01022022.mp4

Call Summary:

1) We eventually establish that indeed, actual customers are still not seeing the new pictures updated long ago.
2) The call operative sees a different seller ID on the item in question, but I'm not allowed to know that seller ID.  That might be too useful, or revealing.
3) I establish that nothing will happen.
4) I give permission to terminate the call, I am told that I have to do that which is a lie, and the call ends.

Number 2) listed above is very mysterious indeed.  You might almost wonder if sales from that and some of my other listings are being diverted elsewhere, or just get lost to some mysterious non-existent seller.  Why would ebay ever do that, unless perhaps they were deliberately trying to impose some kind of invisible sales limitation?  That would be crazy right?  Unless it has some connection with this: 
Ebay, and Invisible Sales Throttling, Caps, Levelling or Limits Related to UK VAT Thresholds

More tedious lies and promises.  I wonder if Eve Williams, head of eBay U.K. Marketing has these calls linked-in on her C.V.?  I venture not.  I imagine that Kate Bradley, Head of eBay Customer Support does not have them LinkedIn on her CV or resume either.

This problem still exists as of 29-MAR-2022.

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