Ebay, and Invisible Sales Throttling, Caps, or Limits Related to UK VAT Thresholds


A few years ago in the new year of 2012, I started selling electronic components on ebay as a way of actually making a living.  This business operated quite happily under the UK VAT threshold and while it would never make me rich, it would do for now.  This avoided additional complications while building up the business and increasing both the breadth and depth of stock.  Over the next few years the UK VAT threshold crept upwards in line with inflation and it was easy to stay under it.  Around 2016 I made some special effort and by the end of the year had at least twice as many different items for sale and had branched out into larger second-hand electronic objects on a separate ebay shop.  A further ebay outlet sold some old tape spools that I had acquired.  Ebay sales numbers had often looked a bit strange as I inspected the daily bargraphs, but surely such is the nature of human buying habits, online marketplaces and randomness in general.  Or so I thought. 

It became clear that ebay were operating a completely invisible capping or throttling system across all these outlets.  Without any intervention by me, sales across the three outlets over one year would add up to almost exactly the UK VAT threshold for that year.  This was fine for a while.  In a way it was almost quite helpful, allowing me to increase my inventory without having to be too careful not to exceed the threshold.  However from 2017 onwards, there was no inflationary increase in the UK VAT threshold by the chancellor.  In March 2019 I decided to take the plunge and become a voluntarily VAT registered sole trader.  The assumption was that when I entered my new valid VAT number into the ebay shops, the mysterious limiting algorithm would be de-activated and I could increase sales.  In fact, I didn't assume this completely.  I thought that there was a 50/50 chance that nothing would happen, and that I would have to manually draw attention to the fact via the ebay customer support line.  I also assumed that there was a fair chance that I might have quite a fight on my hands getting the capping system removed.

On the 5th April 2019 at 23:00 I entered the VAT number one hour before it became valid. 

What Happened Next

Nothing.  Well that's not so surprising.  It would take some time for the system to recognise the fact.  However, for a substantial payment in ebay fees every month one might expect something to have happened after three days, so onto the ebay customer support telephone line I go, to draw attention to this fact and to check what the telephone operatives have to say.  I've recorded the calls for training and quality purposes.  You can click on the links to hear them or download the mp3s.  I have only edited out long periods of hold music to save the listener from the pain.  Long periods on hold are not necessarily insignificant though.  Also, in all the calls
I have left in many quite 'sensitive' details.  I don't mind.  I have nothing to hide and you can find all the addresses and usernames by going onto ebay and just typing them in. 

That's business.  When you stick your head above the parapet and say "Please buy what I'm selling," you're public property to some extent.

09-APR-2019 10:36  First call to the overseas call centre

Summary: "The VAT number is valid and there are no restrictions on your account."  ebay_vat_09042019_1036_c.mp3

The overseas call centres are not always the most reliable so the next day I request a call-back, which will usually come from the Irish call centre.

10-APR-2019  Steve from Ebay Customer Support in Ireland

Summary:  We discuss the issue briefly.  Steve says, "Hmm, I can see what you're saying here."  Really?  He gets back to the selling limits team and then drops the call like a hot potato.  Well that's no good.  Drop my call?  Back to the telephone.   ebay_vat_10042019_1_c.mp3

10-APR-2019  Derek from Ebay Customer Support in Ireland

Summary:  We discuss the same issue, noting that the addition of the VAT number was a few days ago, and the ebay denials start.  I introduce the idea of statistical analysis and noting vast swings between seperate accounts and an £85K sales cap.  Derek uses the unusual word "Levelling" without me mentioning it.  I direct him to the 11th February week data when the capping system went into a wild oscillation due to a delay between the caps on the two accounts.  Steve may well have gone into it with another team, Derek.  Before Steve dropped my call.  We discuss VIES and my registered business name and address across accounts.  Denial.  Don't worry Derek, it /is/ an absolute pattern, and I will be back.  ebay_vat_10042019_2_c.mp3


Summary to follow  ebay_vat_12042019_1_c.mp3

Summary to follow  ebay_vat_12042019_2_c.mp3


Summary to follow  ebay_vat_18042019_c.mp3


Summary to follow  ebay_vat_19042019_c.mp3


Summary to follow  ebay_vat_21042019_c.mp3


Summary to follow  ebay_vat_24042019_c.mp3

More Lack Of Progress

This telephone battle is clearly going nowhere, so I follow the advice of the customer support operatives and actually write a physical paper letter.  The details of that, the absence of a written response from anyone who is willing to give their full name, and the subsequent tedious telephone discussions are available here:  Interesting Electronics The Trouble With eBay Page

Various Interesting Sales Charts

Sales Data 31-AUG-2019 to 30-SEP-2019 (Only one ebay outlet is operating at this stage and later dates.)

On 31st August I came back from a week on holiday, during which time sales were zero for five days.  After that we see a series of successive days of sales going up-down six times.  Do people only buy on ebay on alternate days?  I don't think so.  Daily thresholds are in effect, which when exceeded cause a limit on the subsequent days sales.  If the probability of experiencing a sales increase or decrease at any given time by random chance is 0.5, then six alternating days has a probability of 0.5 raised to the power of six, that being 1.56%.  That should be quite an unusual event.  You'd expect to see that sequence repeated only rarely, perhaps once in one year.  Despite this, the sequence appears again starting on 7th September.  This time the flip of the coin occurs in opposite directions eight times, an even slimmer probability of 0.39%.  Once again, and most strikingly, on 21st September, another improbable sequence of seven consecutive up-down sales totals.  That is a sequence probability 0.78%.  It would appear that far from being unlikely, these improbable sequences are occurring almost all the time with small breaks of one or two days in between. 

Ebay Sales Figures Showing
        Threshold Based Levelling / Throttling / Limiting on Alternate

Sales Data 12-OCT-2019 to 11-NOV-2019

This behaviour is continuing into November.  It's not showing quite the same crazy comb effect as above, but there are another two highly improbable sequences of higher and lower sales on alternate days.  The first starts on the first bar, 12 October and there is a run of eight up-down cycles, p=0.39%.  The second starts on 28th October and is another run of eight up-down cycles, more marked this time.  Again, the probability of this happening at any given time is 0.39% so it should only happen about once or twice in a year. (1/365 would be 0.27%)  You can argue to toss on the statistical detail, but the ebay throttling / capping system makes an almost perfect daily oscillator, inexplicable by any other reason.  In electronic engineering we call this a relaxation oscillator.  You can make one with a single transistor instead of a strong ebay shop with threshold capped sales.  That also involves a threshold and recovery cycle.  The higher the gain of the transistor, the higher the oscillation frequency.  But we can only see samples of daily sales figures.  It might be even more interesting to consider how infrequently subsequent days don't show a relaxation oscillation.  The daily sampling of the bargraphs is likely to be showing classic Nyquist aliasing of an oscillation that is too fast to capture.

Suspicious Ebay Sales Figures Showing
                  Throttling or Capping Oscillations

That's the trouble with electronics engineers.  We're not idiots, eBay.

Going back in time a bit.

You'll remember how this all came to a head early-on in 2019, when the obvious strange capping behaviour could no longer be ignored.  I've found one of the print-outs, and here is the scan showing jenna_stannis sales from 11-FEB-2019 to 11-MAR-2019.  This is discussed in some of the previous telephone calls. 

jenna_stannis sales
                  February 2019

Prompted by a big sale one day, here the sales limiting algorithm goes into a completely wild oscillation.  Starting at the beginning of this chart there is an extremely marked alternating day to day pattern, and a run of no less than seventeen up-down swings, gradually reducing in amplitude much like an accidentally resonant system given a large impulse input might make.  What's the probability of that run happening naturally by chance?  0.5 ^17 = 7.62 X 10^-6, or 7.6 chances in one million.  This is what I call "proof."  Certainly, if eBay start printing lottery tickets I won't be in the queue to buy one, because I'm obviously the unluckiest seller in the entire world, or one of only 7.6 people in a million to see this.  I'll be adding more interesting charts as time progresses.


Meanwhile, after new year 2020 I loaded up the Useful Components shop with lots of goodies that used to be on the old Interesting Electronics shop.  The postage versus item price is less easily understood, but there are ways to work around this and still make a sensible offering to the customers.  More than 100 quite good listings go up within a month, and yes, they sell quite well.  I'll be analysing just how much difference this should have made to total sales when things settle down.  For the moment, the answer is "very little."  No surprise there.  What I can't ignore are the two unsolicited messages sent by customers regarding my shop pages.  It seems that customers are often unable to see my shop pages, being regularly and consistently presented with blank page "Server Error" messages.  Here are the customer messages sent to me:

Site Message 26-FEB-2020 Helpful Customer 1 to Me:  You might like to know that quite a few of the pages on your shop refuse to load. ("Server not found", all that malarky.)

Site Message 26-FEB-2020 Me to Helpful Customer 1:  Hi HC1, Thankyou for that, it is *very* useful to know and explains a lot of what can be seen at extraordinary length here:  https://www.interestingelectronics.com/old/henrys_interesting_electronics/customer_service/ebay/ebay_main_page.  If you were to send a typical screenshot I'd be delighted.

Note Attached To Sales Record 03-MAR-2020 From Helpful Customer 2:  Buyer's note, Hi, There's something wrong with your shop, I tried to have a look round, but keep getting a 'could not find server' error when I tried to click on shop categories. Look forward to receiving my order... thanks!

Site Message 03-MAR-2020 15:59 Me to Helpful Customer 2:  Thankyou for your note about the shop pages not showing.  Such information is very useful to me right now, beyond what you can imagine.

And indeed it is very useful, because if two helpful customers have made the effort to actually send a message to me, you can be absolutely certain that many more have experienced the same thing and put it down to a temporary problem, their internet connection, or just given up and bought from somewhere else.  Could this be one of the methods used by ebay to limit sales of a certain shop that is doing too well and can't be limited by the usual means without it being too obvious?  I may never know about that, but what I can be sure about is getting a dismissive response from ebay seller "support" on the telephone.  I was not disappointed, and here are the recordings of those calls:

03-MAR-2020 15:04 Call to Ebay Seller Support Concerning Customers Not Being Able To See My Ebay Shop Pages.

Are these people being deliberately obtuse?  First fob-off, "There is no such message." Yes there is.  At 13 minutes in, apparently it's the buyers fault. Then the nice lady obfuscates by trying to say it's paid for, and again tries to blame it on the buyers, or their web browser.  The buyers, it seems, have to contact ebay. 
BING!  Ebay lie detected! Just ridiculous.  Such lies.

As the call was not resolved satisfactorily, I was promised a call back from a supervisor the same day before 18:00 my time.  No such call occurred.

04-MAR-2020 10:00 Another Call to Ebay Seller Support Concerning Customers Not Being Able To See My Shop Pages.

As I did not receive the call from the supervisor as promised, I thought that I'd better call in again the next day to check on any possible progress.  I explain the situation again.  I don't mind doing the whole thing a second time.  No, I did not change my shop name recently.  What happens at 12 minutes 25?  "Ah, OK."  Were you talking to me or did you just get a message?  12:49, an unusual change of subject.  Where did that question come from?  Don't soil yourself because a red light has flashed on your screen, dear.  The "policy" department?  An argument ensues. 
BING! Ebay lie detected!
22:22 a beep, and I am accused of twisting words and interrupting people!  So, "a message was logged as sent," turns into "Oh dearie me, maybe someone said a message was sent and it wasn't."  I have cut three minutes of silence from the end of this call for brevity.  You can count the interruption score if you like. 
Whatever the outcome, when I pay a £75 per month subscription for a much vaunted middle tier ebay shop, I don't expect so many customers to get blank pages so consistently that they are actually driven to write in about it.  Or be incorrectly accused of interrupting people or "twisting their words," on the telephone, when that is not true. 

04-MAR-2020 10:45 A brief call back from eBay Seller Support suggesting there was some problem with links in the shop.

Well, Yes.  You can go ahead and mess up my shop if you think that will help.  We shall see what happens.  I had lost the will to live and was otherwise busy actually sending goods to customers at this stage, so I didn't ask exactly what the problem was, or what the proposed fix was.  Rest assured, I will do that at a date in the near future though. 

26-MAY-2020: What's going on with people not being able to buy more than ten or so items?

Back in April when COVID-19 was just starting to kick-off, a customer in the USA contacted me wanting a quantity of thirty-six six-way potentiometers.  The ebay user prof
ile had a perfectly decent feedback rating of 188.  She asked:

Nice USA Customer:   We are interested in purchasing 36 of these. (6-gang, 10K linier potentiometer).
Can you tell me how much it would cost to ship it to us in 2-4 days? We would pay for the expedited shipping. This goes into a very important project that we need right away.

Please let us know as soon as possible. We can make payment quickly.

Thank you,
Nice USA Customer
Henry:  Hello NUSAC,

I assume this is to a UK address? Easter is in the way as well.
Royal Mail first class is available as an option but there's no guarantee on that. I've made a special delivery option available which should be there by 13:00 tomorrow if it's paid for in about... 30 minutes. I've no way to work that timescale to an overseas address.
Thanks, Henry.
NUSAC:  Hello Henry,
I should have given you the address.... my apologies. We would need it shipped to the USA.
NUSAC: We want to purchase B10K, 36 pcs. for quick delivery.
When I went to checkout, it multiplied the delivery price by quantity of pieces.
Can you please advise if you have 36 pcs. of the B10K and provide the dollar amount shipping would be as a total (not multiplied by piece) Thank you, NUSAC
Hi NUSAC,  This is just the stupid way that ebay does it - the single post charge is applied as a discount when you pay for multiple items. If it goes wrong I can refund, or send a 'request for total.'  Henry.
NUSAC:  Henry,
Do you have 36 of the B10K?
When I go to checkout, it only allows me to purchase 10
Henry:  I have 36 going into bubble-wrap now and they are available on the listing - this will be ebay limiting the purchase quantity. Unbelievable. can you message me at the information available at this link?  https://www.interestingelectronics.com/ebay/warm_address.txt
NUSAC:  Henry, Where do I go on EBay to buy it? Can you send me an invoice and we will pay that?

Further communications with my Nice USA Customer were via normal email, and yes, the pots were paid for outside of ebay, they did get sent via DHL the next day and yes, they did arrive on time and yes, my nice USA customer was happy.  But this proves that eBay is limiting my potential big customers with a decent feedback rating to purchases of less than ten items, at least in this particular case.  Why?  Why ever could that be, Rob Hattrell VP of eBay UK?  Only you can answer that mysterious question.  Or can you even?  I can.  Because occasional multi-hundred pound sales throw your sales limiting algorithms into a very obvious spasm, which I have seen before.  If you want proof that eBay limits big sales by making it appear to your customer that you don't have the stock on hand, or that as a seller you don't want to sell them, then the above transcript is exactly what you are looking for.

30-MAY-2020 Customer is unable to buy more than one item:

After some decent weeks, sales are dropping again and showing some very fishy behaviour.  Whatever could be the matter?  I have obviously just sold too much stuff during viral lockdown and ebay doesn't like it for some reason.  Whether that is still an incorrectly applied VAT suspect limit or a seller velocity limit now kicking in, only time and the analysis spreadsheets may tell.  However, from this transcript with a customer today, here's another way limiting seems to be applied while making it appear to be my fault for not having enough stock, or some other problem of my making:

30-MAY-2020 15:56 Customer **vinyl**:  Hi I am trying to order four of these DPDT Center Off switches but the box will not allow me to change from 1 to 4. Please advise. Thank you for your service. Regards
**vinyl** (Item no. 120819784743)
30-MAY-2020 16:52 Henry: 
Hi **vinyl**,  There's no obvious problem with the listing and I can't reproduce the error, successfully adding four of those to shopping cart as a guest user in a different browser. You may find it just suddenly mysteriously works now. Please let me know if the problem persists though, as it may be a part of a hidden ebay system limiting my sales. Thanks, Henry.

30-MAY-2020 17:26 Customer **vinyl**:  Hi I tried entering 4 in another sellers sale and it worked, but I prefer the look of the ones you have for sale. Tried reloading rebooting ebay etc. However I still cannot make the 1 turn to a 4. I will try rebooting the computer.
30-MAY-2020 18:37 Customer **vinyl**:  Please cancel that order. I ended getting the wrong ones because suddenly one of your quantity boxes was working. I want the ones with the silver plated contacts and the blue hermetic seal around the terminals. It still will not allow me to change the 1 to a 4. I will order them one at a time now instead. **vinyl**.
30-MAY-2020 19:12 Henry:  Hi
**vinyl**,  I have the black body types with the sealed contacts in DPDT, and there are some DPDT-CO on the way for Tuesday. I hope they still have the same sealing on them. The contacts are described as copper alloy with silver inlay silver plated. I think you wanted four items DPDT-CO, am I correct? I'm trying not to cancel the wrong thing.  The only explanation I can offer for the weird quantity entry problem is ebay shenanigans over which I have no control, but rest assured that they will be told about it.
Thanks,  Henry.
30-MAY-2020 21:11 Customer **vinyl**:  Thank you Henry. best wishes, stay safe. Thank you for your response and help. Regards **vinyl**.

And indeed they will be told about it here, but as it is one of those 'mysteriously goes away' problems that customers only tell you about occasionally, a call to the seller "support" telephone line or a text chat is obviously pointless.  Normally of course, the customer will just buy elsewhere, resulting in a limiting effect on my sales which can't easily be traced.  What it could do is result in a sudden dip in what is called 'Sales Conversion Rate.'  This is a percentage that represents how many people who have looked at your listing actually buy from it.  Ebay provides you with a chart of these numbers over time.  Here is a recent example from 2020:


                                                          Rate Graph

What you see here are periods of relative calm punctuated by periods of extreme daily swings.  Obviously, people like my listings very much on one day, and then really hate them the next day, and this continues for up to seven days in a row.  This is, of course, impossible.  There is a run of seven wildly alternating swings starting on 25th April.  What's the probability of that?  Something like 0.5 raised to the seventh power, about eight times in one-thousand, or 0.8%.  You might expect to see that at random three times a year, but as you can see, similar unlikely alternating runs are much more frequent.  Quite what happened on 28th March while ebay's servers were clearly broken is anyone's guess, but I don't pay for that kind of service.

Did I say, "
Ebay provides you with a chart of these numbers over time?"  Yes I did, and for now they still do.  You have to click on the 'switch to the previous version of this page' link to see it, though.  No doubt access to these charts of sales conversion rates will be withdrawn soon, as they are just far too revealing about what is really happening.  Given the conversations with customers shown above, I state that in many cases ebay is capping my sales by deliberately breaking the system that allows customers to buy more than one item, or by limiting them to buying fewer items than some arbitrary number invented by them.  At the same time this appears to be the fault of the seller, and as shown above, wastes a lot of time and irritates the customers.

Do you want some more, Robert Hattrell, Vice President of Ebay UK?  Or are you going to answer my letter properly?  More is coming.  All I have to do is sit here, absorb the numbers into the analysis spreadsheet and wait for my customers to tell me more:)  There's always the BBC of course.  You might consider listening to the omnibus editions of, "The Great British Post Office Trial," on BBC Sounds.  Similar problems in their systems eventually cost them tens of millions of pounds.

02-JUN-2020:  Another customer sees "Out Of Stock" when stock is present on the listing.

1-MAY-2020 20:12 Customer ##r45Customer ##r45:Customer ##r45::  Hi please can you tell me if you are going to get more of the 6.2 v by 0.3 amp as you are currently out of stock of these bulbs best regards, ##r45.  (Item no. 110951791253)
31-MAY-2020 20:24 Henry:  Hi ##r45, At my end I've got the stock and the listing also shows stock. However, you are not the first person to spot this kind of ebay 'error.' It seems that Ebay are articificially limiting my sales by this method and there's not a single thing I can do about it. I've updated the listing so you could try again to see if it works, otherwise you can contact me using the following link to arrange the sale:  https://www.interestingelectronics.com/ebay/warm_address.txt  Thanks, Henry. 
If you're interested in the story, you can see it here:
01-JUN-2020 06:03 Customer ##r45:  Morning Henry Iíve looked at you site again but no luck still shows no e10 / 6.2 v / 0. 3 out of stock could I not order 6.2v/ 0.4 and you give me the ones I want looking forward to hearing back from you very best regards. ##r45  I tried clicking on to your link but again no luck
01-JUN-2020 08:37 Henry:  Hello, Yes, order anything in the right quantity and I'll send the 6.2V / 0.3A. They are all the same price. Henry.
01-JUN-2020 09:34 Customer ##r45:  Thank you very much Henry your a star best regards ##r45

Once again, most customers will just buy elsewhere when they see "Out Of Stock."  I would conservatively estimate this happens ten times for each time I get to hear from a helpful customer.  Using these recovered sales as a guide, that would equate to lost sales of £220 over two days.  Oddly enough, that's about what the recent suspicious sales drop has been.  Of course, it's impossible as yet to prove a causal link.

What do ebay have to say about these two events?  Telephone contact is still not available so here is the text chat transcript:

Transcript of text chat with ebay seller support concerning customers being incorrectly shown items as out of stock when there has always been plenty of stock available on the listings, 02-JUN-2020 13:16.

Ebay seller text chat 'support':  "This problem does not exist.  There is no problem with your account.  It is the buyers problem.  You should tell them to contact us.  You official complaint will be ignored.  My only interest is in evading your question." 
Henry:  "If your manager ever does ever email me, I predict that your manager will try to obfuscate the issue by answering a completely different question, or says exactly the same thing that you did.  You can try to evade the question, but I'll be back."

05-JUL-2020:  An Ebay Message Appears: 

Followup regarding buyers unable to purchase items SR# 1-264131449947

Hello Henry,

This is a follow-up on the chat conversation you had regarding buyers unable to purchase items and were seeing out of stock.

I apologise for the delay caused in getting back to you on this matter addressing your complaint.

Upon reviewing the matter, I confirmed with our team, but no such issue was highlighted by other sellers, so not sure what exact issue the buyers in question faced. We are hoping that buyers are not reporting this issue now. If at all buyers are still reporting the same even now, please do ask buyers what exact error message they see and probably help you with screen shot of it so that you can forward that to us and we can investigate this mater to resolve it once for all. Alternatively buyers can also contact us immediately so that our dedicated team can help them further with this.

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to look into this. Feel free to get in touch with us in-case you need any assistance.

Kind regards,

Nilesh S.

Manager eBay Seller Support

I respond with the following at 18:54 09-JUL-2020
You wrote: "Upon reviewing the matter, I confirmed with our team, but no such issue was highlighted by other sellers, so not sure what exact issue the buyers in question faced...  please do ask buyers what exact error message they see and probably help you with screen shot of it..."

I have explained this in clear and full detail already.  It is recorded in full on my public website.

I consider this response to be wholly inadequate.  It is pure obfuscation and denial of a clearly explained and proven problem.  Please ensure that Robert Hattrell, VP of Ebay UK is informed of our conversation. 

In case you need a full summary, you can view it here:



Henry Walmsley.

"Computer says no," is just not good enough.  Is it, Rob?


It's been a while since I have last posted on this issue.  Meanwhile I've been downloading paypal data and generating some very big spreadsheets.  It was a fairly bumper ebay spring in 2020, and that has nicely compensated for all my messing about closing shops last year.  It's remarkable, and it has been the exception that proves the rule beautifully.  The new big spreadsheets running from 2017 to 9th August 2020  show an average daily sales total, taken over that entire time, of £231.94.  If I had hit the VAT threshold *exactly* that number would have been £232.88.  Ebay systems are still limiting my sales to the UK VAT threshold to within -0.4%.  The system has run since approximately 6th April 2017.  I have been VAT registered since 6th April 2019.

Onto the telephone again eh?  The level of lies and deliberate attempts at diversion on this call, which lasted more than one-and-a-half hours beggar belief.  Click to listen, if you can bear it.  There is some preamble which could be considered to be irrelevant.  But then maybe not, eh?

07-SEP-2020.  Ebay seller support are confronted with proof that my account is limited by ebay systems to an average of £232.87 per day over that last Three and a Half Years.  Which is spookily the UK VAT Threshold divided by 365 days.

P.S. I got the rounding wrong on the daily number.  My apologies.  In future communications the correct daily constant value is 85000/365 = £232.88, not taking into account one leap year.

06-OCT-2020:  The -0.4% Has Disappeared.  We Have Reached The Threshold and the Customers are Now Messaging In Again With More Complaints

Just for you:  A genuinely nice customer tries to buy more than one item and gets rightfully pissed off when the ebay limits stop him from buying, and my trying to get the impossible information demanded by the Ebay Central liars from him is not going to happen.  My customers want the goods, not to send screenshots of the failing ebay website to ebay liars.  If you'd like to hear the entire resulting telephone call to ebay liar central on this issue, then you may click on the link below.

06-OCT-2020 A Nice Customer Can't Buy More Than One Item From My Listing and is Rightfully Annoyed, and this is Your Pathetic ebay Customer "Support" Lie Response, Robert Hattrell.

Call Summary To Follow

Fun, isn't it?  No.  It is not.  It is my name on the listings, Robert Hattrell, VP of ebay UK, responsible for all ebay UK activities, which you are always so eager to point out.

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