Proof That The Ebay Site Message System Lost a Critical Message to Me

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On Thursday 27th February 2020 at 20:40 I received an order from a customer for ten mixed colour radio knobs.  The idea is that the buyer can add a note to the purchase saying which particular mix of colours they want, or send the same information in a site message.  This is slightly clumsy, but it is the only way to make the offer of varied colours of the customers' choice in a purchase of ten items.  The ebay user interface for adding the note to the purchase discourages the buyer to remember to hit 'save,' and sometimes they forget, and a brief exchange of site messages ensues so that I can send the right colours.  Easy, Yes?  No.  Not if the system loses the response from the customer.  Here is the full message exchange.


27-FEB-2020 21:29 Me to buyer:  Hello, Which colours would you like?

Now I know that these messages have a habit of going missing, so the next day I pop another one off.

28-FEB-2020 12:47 Me to buyer:  Hello, Which colours would you like?

28-FEB-2020 20:37 Buyer to Me:  Hi.  I was wondering why you have cancelled my order as it does not give a reason.  I thought I would check before I re-order from someone else.

28-FEB-2020 22:00 Me to Buyer:  Hello, I didn't get an answer to the question of if you wanted any particular colours, or a message in the first instance.  The ebay messaging system routinely loses messages, which is infuriating.  Still, I had to cancel it before it got marked as a late dispatch.  Henry.

28-FEB-2020 22:07 Me to Buyer:  By the way, if you've not seen any messages from me, could you confirm that.  I sent two, and if the system is that bad I will add it as one of my ebay customer support telephone complaint webpages like these:  (link to the page above this one)
Thanks:)  Henry.

28-FEB-2020: 23:15 Buyer to Me:  I replied "any" to that message.  I just checked my sent items to make sure.

02-MAR-2020: 18:40 Me to Buyer:  Hello,  Ah. That's the message that I never got.  I've been on the telephone to ebay about it and you will be able to hear the call at the following link in a couple of hours: 
(link to this page)  That's not much help now, but at least someone at ebay central has been sent home with a flea in their ear today.  Sorry about the confusion.  Henry.


This is the type of confusion that results from one lost message.  You would have thought that in an online marketplace, being able to communicate clearly with your customers is as essential as the system not randomly losing orders.  (See previous issues)  It appears that neither is considered terribly important by ebay management or their customer support.  It's just one more ongoing fault in their toy-town website for which the sellers pay dearly, and which I guarantee will be ignored.  Here's my telephone call with ebay seller "support" from this morning.  I'm not happy, and this is made clear.

Click to hear a recording of eBay's usual dismissive telephone support response to proof that site messages go missing.

We'll be having more on this issue every time it comes up, meanwhile I'll have to bother customers with multiple messages and try to get details of what messages they actually sent to me every time.  Ridiculous.

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