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03-MAR-2021  A Buyer Requests to Cancel an Order and Ebay Systems Make It Impossible

Today a customer requested to cancel an order, as he had ordered some items by mistake.  No problem.  Well, a small problem.  As of about three years ago, if the nice customer has already paid for the items, I, as the seller get the variable part of the ebay fee back but not the 40pee one-off charge for the transaction.  However, the Consumer is King (ebay international money-raking systems are in fact, King) and I have no choice but to work with this system and to accept cancellations when requested.

Or, I'd like to!

On this occasion, ebay systems were, and still are, in such a state that I get the cancellation request, try to cancel, repeatedly get an error page, see that another order from the same customer is still in "awaiting dispatch," (which I assume is the order that he actually wants) I call-up ebay seller support to try to cancel the other order which has disappeared into 'cancellations,' meanwhile the required order disappears while I'm actually on the telephone, and the call operative sees this as well.  This is online so-called 'marketplace' chaos, showing the deep underlying issues in ebay's collapsing software systems. 

Here is the telephone call to ebay seller support.  This telephone operative seemed quite helpful, and I believe that she tried her best over the 30 minutes of the call.  All the same, there was no resolution to the problem.  You can click on the link to hear the call in full, edited for the privacy of the customer.

03-MAR-2021: A Call to Ebay Seller Support Fails to Address Why I Can't Fulfill a Customer's Request to Cancel an Order

Local Video Copy cancel_fail_03032021.wmv

Call Summary:

1) We establish the facts quickly, for a change.
2) The call operative wonders what the customer is doing, but that's not the issue.  The customer may do whatever he likes.  Cancelling an order is a completely valid option.  The question is, why is ebay failing to operate correctly?
3) Why did one order get into and remain in 'paid and dispatched' if it had not been paid for?  "It's a mystery, It's a mystery," ebay.
4) No resolution.  "Wait and see," meanwhile I've no evidence that the customer has not been defrauded out of his money.
5) I complain without actually using the word complaint, or Murray Lambell, General Manager of ebay UK who is responsible for all ebay UK activities, including failure of his systems to cancel orders, resulting in extreme customer inconvenience which may verge on fraud as we progress the issue.

We'll see what happens on this one.  Nothing has moved for three hours since 14:00.  Enough time for any payments to grind through, even on ebay managed payments.

Associated Site Messages:

Henry:  "Hello Nice Customer G,
I've tried to cancel this order, or *an* order, or part of one, and have just spent 30 minutes on the ebay telephone line trying to cancel it without success. They have no idea what their systems are doing either. Please bear with me while I try to sort it out.

Nice Customer:  "Yeah sorry about this. I hope ebay starts behaving itself again."

05-MAR-2021 Many Sellers Suffering From The Same Failure - But I Don't Find out On The First Call

After waiting for 24 hours for ebay to fix one of the most basic possible functions of a so-called online marketplace, I am still unable to cancel the order and hence to issue the subsequent refund.  So it's onto the telephone line once more, where I decide that I have given sufficient information already not to be taken through an online tutorial on how to cancel orders, and Laura takes umbridge, despite my being fully polite throughout.  You can listen to the full call by clicking on the link here:

04-MAR-2021:  Laura from eBay Seller Support Cuts Me Off for Not Accepting Her Patronising Lecture On Cancelling Orders

You can see the YouTube video of the nice telephone call with Laura here:

04-MAR-2021:  YouTube Laura From eBay Seller Support Cuts Me Off for Not Accepting Her Patronizing Lecture On Cancelling Orders

Local Video Copy cancel_fail_04032021.wmv

Call Summary:

1)  I hear that some other sellers may have been experiencing the same problem.
2)  Laura tries to take me through an online tutorial of how to cancel orders when the ebay website does *not* have it's knickers around its ankles.
3)  I refuse, as it is a waste of even more time, having already made it clear that I spent 30 minutes on this yesterday.
4)  Laura cuts me off.

I then go straight back into ebay and request another call-back, which I duly receive.  My apologies, this call did not record, due to me forgetting to press play and record on the tape machine while hitting record on the audio and video record on the computer.  You will have to trust my summary on this occasion.

04-MAR-2021:  I receive a second call back from ebay about the site being unable to cancel orders.

1)  We establish the basic facts quickly.
2)  I am told that this is a problem common to many users today, and that it is being worked on.
3)  I am told that it should be fixed by the evening of 4th March 2021.
4)  I complain about the site issue and the complaint is registered, whatever that means.
5)  I complain about being unnecessarily being led down the garden path and being cut-off by the previous call operative.  The complaint is registered.
6)  A clearly rather world-weary ebay call operative and I say goodbye in an agreeable, if not slightly tired fashion.  A five minute call.

It's not that hard, is it?  If only your telephone operatives would tell the truth and not waste my time, ebay / Murray Lambell, things would be less fraught, if equally incompetent at a corporate software management level.  The site was not fixed that evening.  The next day, more than 24 hours after my report, I was finally able to cancel my nice customers' order and he got his money back.

It is deeply unsatisfactory.

30-AUG-2021  An ebay Malfunction makes it Impossible to Mark an Item as Dispatched Episode 1

On 30th August 2021 I was merrily conducting my "Ebay for Business," when I noticed that an item that I had just "Marked as Dispatched" had not disappeared from my, "Items Awaiting Dispatch" list.  Oh dear.  Let's try again.  No-go.  Let's try selecting it on the tick box on the left and hitting "Mark as Dispatched."  No.  Let's try it the following day.  No.  This is a nuisance because it upsets my label printing downloads and general workflow, and soon enough, it will be marked as a late dispatch.  More importantly, the item won't be shown as dispatched to the customer, and the delivery time estimate will be wrong for them.  This is not what I call, "Ebay for Business."  I call it, "Ebay is Useless."  So, it's on to the ebay so-called seller support line again to see what they have to say about the error.  You can click on the link below to hear the telephone call.

30-AUG-2021: Ebay Admit to the Item Not Being Marked as Dispatched Error

Call Summary:

1) Ebay admit to the failure.  Wow!
2) I am told that any items marked as late will not cause any 'ebay bad marks' issues.  I call this a lie.  If you can't even mark something as dispatched, don't tell me that you can control anything else in your systems.
3) I ask to complain.  I am directed to the Dublin Dustbin complaints by letter post address.
4) I ask for a time estimate for a fix.  There is none.
5) I ask that Murray Lambell, General Manager of ebay UK, who is responsible for all UK activities, is informed that a very basic element of his online marketplace is broken, and that no-one knows when it will be fixed.
6) We end the call with me making it clear that there has been no satisfactory resolution.

You can see the video of the call on YouTube here: 

Ebay Marked as Dispatched Field Failure Seller Support Call 30-AUG-2021

Local Video Copy dispatched_fail_30082021.mp4

01-SEP-2021  An ebay Malfunction makes it Impossible to Mark an Item as Dispatched Episode 2

I'm still unable to mark the item as dispatched, and it now shows as overdue.  Time for some more ebay seller so-called "support," I think.  You can click on the link below to hear the telephone call:

01-SEP-2021:  Ebay Seller Support Have No Fix for the Item Unable to be Marked as Dispatched Error, and I get Cut Off.

Call Summary:

1) We go through a variety of attempts to solve the problem and establish again that it is an ebay problem.
2) I wish to complain, as politely as possible, and am disconnected.

Here's the link to the Youtube video of this call: 

Ebay for Business Malfunction: Can't Mark Items as Dispatched 01-SEP-2021 Ep2

Local Video Copy dispatched_fail_01092021.mp4

02-SEP-2021  An ebay Malfunction makes it Impossible to Mark an Item as Dispatched Episode 3

On Thursday 2nd September I attempt to have another call, and issue a callback request at 18:49.  I am watching the telephone.  I see the call ringer LED blip once and the call is dropped before the telephone even has chance to make a sound.  I then receive a site notification that a callback was attempted but it was unable to get through.  That's an ebay lie.  At 19:10 I try again.  Once more I see the ring LED blip with what I can only assume was a deliberately abandoned callback.  Once again I try the same thing and get another LED blip at 19:42.  So now it's onto the ebay text chat system to check the progress.  Here is the result:

02-SEP-2021 Ebay Seller Support Text Chat Transcript Concerning Inability to Mark Items As Dispatched

Text Chat Summary:

1) We establish that this is still an ebay failure.
2) I am given a fix time estimate of 48-72 hours.
3) I complain about the failure.
4) I complain about the abandoned callbacks.
5) I make it clear that Murray Lambell, VP of ebay UK should be informed.

14-SEP-2021  An ebay Malfunction Makes it Impossible to Mark an Item as Dispatched Episode 4

I wait, and after the appointed 72 hours fix time I note that the now well overdue item is still present, and still can not be marked as dispatched.  I have a bit of a holiday.  On Tuesday 14th September I return and request a callback from ebay seller "support."  You can listen to the call at the link below:

14-SEP-2021 Ebay seller Support Contact Number 4 Concerning Inability to Mark an Order as Sent


1) We establish that this is an ongoing ebay site failure.
2) The representative is unwilling to disclose which particular accounts are affected.
3) I am assured that this will be fixed by 15th September.
4) I complain and request that Murray Lambell, VP of ebay UK is informed prior to the ebay event in Manchester on 30th September, where I will be raising the issue.

Here's the link to the Youtube video of this call: 

Ebay for Business Failure: Can't Mark Orders as Sent 14-SEP-2021 Ep4

Local Video Copy dispatched_fail_14092021.mp4

16-SEP-2021  An ebay Malfunction Makes it Impossible to Mark an Item as Dispatched Episode 5

I was assured that this error would be fixed on the 15th September, so now on the 16th, obviously, it's all cleared up.  Right?  Oh dear, no it's not!  You can hear the call at the link below.

16-SEP-2021 Ebay seller Support Contact Number 5 Concerning Inability to Mark an Order as Sent


1) Ebay have started prefacing their calls with a little patronizing speech about what a loyal ebay customer I am.  Yes, 11 years of this truly awful service!  A reminder of this now becomes my sign-off note.
2) The same as usual.

Here's the link to the Youtube video of this call: 

Ebay for Business Failure: Can't Mark Orders as Sent 16-SEP-2021 Ep5

Local Video Copy dispatched_fail_16092021.mp4

17-SEP-2021  An ebay Malfunction Makes it Impossible to Mark an Item as Dispatched Episode 6

No change today.  You can hear the call at the link below.  Warning, this is a bit of a marathon as I appear to have been given the Friday Afternoon special crew on this call.

17-SEP-2021 Ebay seller Support Contact Number 6 Concerning Inability to Mark an Order as Sent


1) After an astonishing amount of going over old ground, we get to the point.
2) I suggest to the call operative that maybe this problem is only occurring on accounts which also have illegal and invisible turnover limits applied to them by ebay systems, like mine.
3) The same as usual.  I once more complain, request that Murray Lambell is informed, and have to spell out his name.

Here's the link to the Youtube video of this call: 

Ebay for Business Failure: Can't Mark Orders as Sent 17-SEP-2021 Ep6

Local Video Copy dispatched_fail_17092021.mp4

20-SEP-2021  An ebay Malfunction Makes it Impossible to Mark an Item as Dispatched Episode 7

No change, although I'm becoming increasingly curious as to why this problem is so difficult to solve.  It's almost as if mending this might remove other "problems," like the ongoing 85,000 per year sales limit that's been on my ebay account since 7th April 2017.  I mention this in the call.  You can hear the call at the link below. 

17-SEP-2021 Ebay seller Support Contact Number 7 Concerning Inability to Mark an Order as Sent


No change.

Here's the link to the Youtube video of this call: 

Ebay for Business Failure: Can't Mark Orders as Sent 20-SEP-2021 Ep7

Local Video Copy dispatched_fail_20092021.mp4

It's also on Linked-in, where I have sent Mr. Lambell an online site message thus:

Linked-In Message to Murray Lambell, VP and General Manager of eBay UK who is Responsible for All Ebay UK Activities.

Mr. Lambell hasn't read my message as of 20-SEP-2021, and neither has he responded to my contact request.  Oh Dear.

There's a nice self-congratulatory ebay stage show, networking, one-on-one consultations with the ebay customer service team, and general management wank-a-thon occurring in Manchester on 30th September 2021.  It's at the Victoria Warehouse venue at Old Trafford starting with registration at 08:15.  Someone appears to have made the mistake of sending me an invitation, so I'll definitely be going. That should be fun!  In fact, I can hardly wait, Murray Lambell.


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