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Here are some circuits to have a hearty giggle at during the long winter nights.  They're not intended to be fully detailed projects but they have all been made and constructed, and show you how to do various things.

Seriously Poor Customer Service - Including Various eBay Site Malfunctions, Invisible Selling Limits and their Seller Telephone Support Line Lies

I'll make exceptions in most cases but sometimes it's obviously deliberate, or just so awful that one has to make comment.  Ebay has proved to be a particularly strong source of excuses and lies when it comes to selling in their online marketplace. 
Or as I call it, "Toy-Town Website."

The Useful Components Ebay Shop and Its Contents: Experimental Inventory Page.

As some viewers may be aware, I sell electronics components on ebay for a living.  This has major problems when ebay computer systems incorrectly identify you as a VAT fraud, despite having entered a valid GB VAT registration number into their website more that two years ago.  You can read all about that at the previous link above.  Meanwhile, this is a page that displays my full ebay "for sale" inventory so that people can find my items that are hidden from search results by ebay systems.  It will also allow me to periodically scan down the links and to click on them to see if any pages are being blatantly blocked or hidden.  This or a similar page may migrate to the Useful Components website when working correctly.

Radio Glen Memories

It's Back!  By no demand at all, popular or otherwise, some fond... well, some memories of University Radio Glen 1602kHz Southampton.

Two Copies of 1930's Television Journal

Ah; I've only got the one scanned at the moment.  One of these has an article written by my grandfather on my mum's side.  I'm told that he was a bit of a television obsessive and made his own set when 405 line TV came to Blackburn.

Ambitunes Records Archive Material

I made some surround-sound music CD-Rs way back when.

Crap Records

Crap records are fun.
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