28-SEP-2020  Ebay Systems Fail To Apply A Simple Overseas Postage Rate Correctly, I get Blamed For it, and Effectively Called A Liar

On Friday 25th September 2020 I sold two iron powder toroidal coil forms to a nice customer in Portugal.  They are rather heavy so the overseas shipping charges are quite high.  Every additional item has to incur an additional shipping charge to account for the extra weight.  Here's what you see (or should see) in the postage rates tab if you set your location to Portugal. 

Postage Rates For T300 Toroids To

That's straightforward enough.  For two items the postage charge to Portugal should be 5.98 + 1.98 = 7.96.  It's always been like that on this listing for the reasons already stated.  You will have to believe me when I say that I have not altered that since the customer made this purchase:

Order for Two T300-2 Red Micrometals Toroidal Coild

What's this?  The nice customer has bought two items and only been charged 5.98 postage.  The ebay website can't add-up.  This is an error, and an expensive one for me.
I say that, "You'll have to believe me," because when I saw this error I went into the listing in edit mode to check the postage rates.  Everything was set-up as expected with the 1.98 for each addition item.  Then I made a critical mistake.  Rather than hitting 'cancel' I hit 'save.'  The system then records that I have edited the listing, despite not actually having made any actual changes.  Silly me.  Anyway, onto the ebay seller support line to report a critical error in application of international postage rates.  Note, that there are no multi-buy promotion discounts visible for Portugal and there are none shown on the sale.  It would be nice if there were, but that's another thing that just doesn't work on ebay.  You can click on the link to listen to the call.

26-SEP-2020 Call to Ebay Seller Support Asking Why International Postage Has Failed To Add-Up Correctly for More Than One Item.

Call Summary:

1)  I get cut off as soon as the first call operator realises what is going on, that being an incoming valid complaint that they must have heard a thousand times already.
2)  I get put through to the specialist at pretending to be the village idiot, who people will normally lose patience with after thirty minutes of obfuscation.  I am made of sterner stuff.
3)  Having approached the problem from the very beginning and nailed down every possible eventuality, I get a sideways accusation of not being direct.  Yes, quite.  Gotcha.
4)  The problem is kind-of recognised and I am assured that someone in the mystery specialist department will deal with it.  Scooby-Doo perhaps.
5)  I am promised a call back within 24 hours.  Well that's Sunday, my day off, which I'm not particularly happy about, but fine.

27-SEP-2020 Call Back from Ebay Seller Support Who Say That I Changed The Postage Rates After The Customer Made The Purchase

Call Summary:

1)  Endless ebay blabber-mode.
2)  I am told that there is no problem and that I changed the international postage charge rates after the customer from Portugal bought the items.
3)  I say that I did not, and while the listing was indeed edited, I did not change the relevant section of international postage charges, and consider that to be an accusation of deception.
4)  An extraordinary episode of ebay blabber mode that means just nothing.
5)  I am promised a call back within an hour which did not occur.

It might be nice to be believed, for 800 a month.  You'd imagine that ebay might like to know that there is yet another failure in their website.  No, it's all my fault!  Regular viewers of these pages might like to recall that, "You changed the listing afterwards," was the first excuse for the multi-buy promotion failures first documented by me on 7th April 2020.  This was subsequently accepted as a website software failure and ignored for the next six months, and to the current date.

Well, we will see what happens.  I will have to wait for another international postage rate, 'adding one number to another' failure, and then be more careful with the checking, eh?

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