30th September 2019, Ebay Loses Orders From The System and Blames Everyone Else

Two Completely Lost Orders

Using ebay for selling can be a slow, clunky, bug-ridden experience at the best of times, but you'd expect it to actually function.  Not on the 30th September 2019 you wouldn't!  The first thing that alerted me to a problem was a note from a customer saying that his transaction had gone through, had appeared in his purchased items list, but had then disappeared from ebay. 
"That's weird," I remarked.
Looking into paypal, I find the transaction all paid for, with ebay purchase references and showing the items to send.  There is no evidence in ebay about the sale.  So, I send off the items and alert the customer to this via a site message.  While I'm looking in paypal, I find another example, exactly the same situation.  I send those items off as well, and send an ebay site message to the customer.  The exact sequence of site messages is detailed below.

Well, this is no good.  Onto the ebay seller support telephone line we go, and speak to a selection of people.  They talk some nonsense about payments being "delayed."  No.  They were not delayed.  Your system has lost the orders and I have the paypal payments to prove it.  The final summary of that call is, "You shouldn't expect ebay to work all the time."  I remark that in that case, I shouldn't have to pay for it when it fails in its most basic of functions.  There was no indication as to whether the problem was ongoing or had been fixed.  You can listen to the telephone call at the next link:

30th October 2019 Call to Ebay Seller Support About The Major System Failure and Disappearing Orders.  Warning: Contains Ebay Lies.

The Customers Are Asked To Pay Again

That was bad enough, but the next day, the two customers were asked to pay again for the transactions that had gone through and then lost by ebay.  My second customer makes a new order for a different number of items, so I send the additional items at my additional post expense and refund the original paypal payment.  I assure the customer that he needs to do nothing and that everything is in order. 

Asking people to pay twice for the same goods is retail fraud.  I make this point in another telephone call to the ebay seller support line.  There are actual unadulterated ebay lies in this call as well.  Ebay blame paypal for the entire failure, and I point out that this can not be true, otherwise the unpaid items would have remained in the unpaid items list.  In what must be considered to be a minor miracle, I am refunded 1.52 in fees and an extra 10 for the three hours spent sorting out the mess.  Woo! 

An ebay seller support telephone call at 13:20 on 1st October with Sherl, who reads aloud actual lies from a card about the major failure on 30th October 2019, and can't explain why customers were asked to pay twice for one set of goods.

Later, Sherl calls back and asks if my account has been credited. 

Henry:  "Well, I'd assumed so, given that you said that you had done it.  What do you want, some kind of gold star?  By the way, why has Seller Hub been updated and had vital parts of its functionality removed?"

Sherl:  'Oh, I don't know about that.'

Henry:  "Well, there's not much point talking to you then.  I'll call someone else.  Goodbye."

Ebay seller support operative Sherl calls back at about 19:30 on 1st October 2019 and seems to expect some kind of brownie points for picking up the telephone and making a pointless call.  None were forthcoming.

Customer One Correspondence

I ordered two transformers today and the purchase appeared in my purchases list for a while and then disappeared and there was no confirmation email. Just wondering if the purchase has appeared at your end or not
Cheers, C1

Hi C1,
This is very odd. There's nothing showing from you at all in ebay, in paid or unpaid orders, yet the valid transaction is there in paypal, Transaction ID: xxxxxxxxxxx. I'll pack those tonight and they will ship tomorrow.
I will also be on the telephone to ebay seller support about this as well, where they will um, ahh, and call it, "A one-off glitch." To deal with ebay is to fight a losing battle at the moment. Thanks for drawing this to my attention.

...apparently the whole site is in disarray worldwide, but you can be assured that there are some ebay seller support telephone operatives going home with a flea in their ear tonight :)

Hi Henry,
Many thanks for the messages. I got an email from ebay today saying I need to resend the payment for the order. If that concurs with what you think I'll do that.

Hi C1,
You don't need to do anything. Payment was received and the two items shipped last night. If you could forward exactly what advice ebay sent to you, that would be a great favour to me.

Hi Henry - Below is the text of the email I got at 11.51pm last night. Sounds like they really have lost the plot. All rather like the saga I'm currently having with BT.

You need to resend your payment.
Hi C1,

Sorry, your recent payment for the item(s) below did not go through.
Please return to eBay to send your payment again.
Please complete payment for the items below:

No image Audio Matching Transformer, C...
Item # 111253602759

Price: 8.23
Pay now
No image Audio Matching Transformer, C...
Item # 111253602759>

Customer Two Correspondence

Hello C2,
You ordered one of each of these yesterday but due to a global ebay systems failure, that order was lost from ebay. However, the paypal payment was received correctly and I shipped one of each of those pots last night. I can cancel this order for two of each if you like. Just tell me what you'd like to do and I will make sure that you get the parts and that the money works out correctly. I would be interested to know if ebay sent you any advice on the matter.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Henry,
I really appreciate you letting me know what happened - what a pain!
If it s possible for you to send just one more of each then that would be fantastic.
Thanks again and warmest regards,

Hi C2,
I'll do that now and refund the original paypal payment. If you could forward exactly what advice ebay sent to you it would be a great favour.

Hi Henry,
This is a screenshot of what I received - at the bottom was a picture of the items with a 'pay now' button next to them.
Hope that helps and thanks again for all your help with this order!

                            asks customers to pay again for items
                            already paid for 30th October 2019


If ebay were just to say that there had been a terrible foul-up and that a lot of manual intervention would be needed, I could forgive them.  It's not acceptable to try to cover it up in this way.  Making the situation worse by demanding second payments from retail customers without checking with the seller first has probably netted them millions in fees.  That's fraud on a global scale.

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