Ebay Seller Support Online Chat Transcript Concerning Multiple Customers Seeing Items As Out Of Stock When there is Plenty Of Stock Available on the Listings, 02-JUN-2020 13:16

Transcript of text chat with ebay seller 'support' concerning customers being incorrectly shown items as out of stock when there has always been plenty of stock available on the listings.

vila_restor13:16 PM
Customers are seeing "Out Of Stock" on some of my listings when stock is definitely set as available in plentiful quantity on those exact same listings. This limits my sales. Why is this happening?

Kajal13:16 PM
Welcome to eBay Live Help. My name is Kajal. I'd happy to help you today. Please stay connected while I review your query.
Kajal13:17 PM
Hello Henry.

vila_restor13:17 PM

Kajal13:18 PM
May I know the item number please, for which you are seeing the error?

vila_restor13:19 PM
Item no.: 120819784743 Message from Customer Userid: **valve**, 30-MAY-2020 15:56
vila_restor13:19 PM
The customer sees the error, not I.
vila_restor13:20 PM
Also another example Userid: ##r45 Item no.: 110951791253 31-MAY-2020 20:12

Kajal13:20 PM
Thank you for providing the details. I'll surely look into the matter and try my best to resolve this for you. Please stay connected while I check a few details. This might take 2-3 minutes.

vila_restor13:20 PM

Kajal13:25 PM
Thank you for the time offered. I have checked the details both from yours as well as buyer's end. And I do not see any such issue. Will it be possible for you to ask the buyer to get in touch with us, so that we can help them in completing the sale?

vila_restor13:26 PM
No. I want you to answer my question. You can see from my inbox communications that the buyer was shown that items were out of stock when they were in stock on the listing. Please explain this.
vila_restor13:27 PM
Please also consider how many more times this has cause failure of sales without any communication from the buyer.

Kajal13:29 PM
Henry, I am from the selling team. There is a separate team who looks into buying. I have looked into your account and I find no issue. Please ask the buyer to get back to us, so the relevant team can look into it.

vila_restor13:29 PM
I am selling. This is Your Issue.
vila_restor13:30 PM
Do not even attempt to dodge the question in such a trivial fashion.

Kajal13:30 PM
There is no issue with your account. Please understand. If there was any, I would have surely looked into and resolved it.

vila_restor13:31 PM
Then my customers are sending me messages saying that I am out of stock for no reason? They are going to all that trouble because of some figment of their imagination?

Kajal13:32 PM
There might be some issue with their account. I have double checked your listing and there is no out of stock option selected.

vila_restor13:33 PM
Indeed there is not, so why are they having this problem? They have tried with other sellers and not seen the same issue. To suggest that it is a problem with the customer's account is Clear and Obvious Nonsense, verging on an downright Ebay Lie.

Kajal13:35 PM
I will ask my lead as well. Please bear with me.

vila_restor13:35 PM
Take as long as you need.

Kajal13:40 PM
Thank you for the time offered. I have asked and confirmed from my lead. He has checked from a test account as a buyer, there is certainly no issue on your account or listing.
Kajal13:41 PM
Please ask the buyers to get in touch with us, so our buying team can look into it and resolved the issue.

vila_restor13:41 PM
Then how do you explain what my customers tell me?

Kajal13:42 PM
Ask them to get in touch with us. We'll look into it.

vila_restor13:42 PM
No. This is a selling issue. You would just tell them "Oh, that seller has no stock."

Kajal13:43 PM
Ask your buyer to get in touch with us with a screenshot.

vila_restor13:43 PM
You have failed to come even close to answering my question, might I say deliberately.

Kajal13:43 PM
Henry, we can only resolve the issue if we do find one.

vila_restor13:44 PM
I have told you of the issue. You can see the buyer's problems. Address the issue.

Kajal13:44 PM
My manager has also checked from his end, that there is no issue in your account. And asked to get the buyer to contact us with a screenshot of the error.

vila_restor13:44 PM
Buyers are being incorrectly told that I have no stock when I have.
vila_restor13:45 PM
It's not good enough for 1200 every Month and I wish to open a complaint.

Kajal13:45 PM
Absolutely, I can get you over to a Supervisor/Manager to speak about your situation. However, I really wanted another chance to be your advocate today.

vila_restor13:46 PM
If you just say the same thing over and over that is no use.

Kajal13:47 PM
I totally understand your point. However, I have checked every way possible to see if there is any issue with your account. But did not find any.
Kajal13:47 PM
If you wish you can also your listing as a buyer.

vila_restor13:47 PM
Then explain what the customers say.
vila_restor13:48 PM
Of course *I* can see the stock. Ebay would not be stupid enough to conceal it from *me*, just my customers.

Kajal13:49 PM
Why would eBay try to conceal  it, if our sellers will have sales, it will ultimately be good for them as well as for us to grow in the business.

vila_restor13:49 PM
That's you you to answer.

Kajal13:50 PM
I have already mentioned there is no issue in your account.

vila_restor13:51 PM
And I've told you that there is clearly a problem, shown you the evidence, which you have failed to explain.

Kajal13:51 PM
We need a screenshot from buyer's end.

vila_restor13:51 PM
No you do not.

Kajal13:51 PM
My manager has also confirmed the same.

vila_restor13:52 PM
Then I wish to instigate an official complaint that customers are being given "out of stock" notifications from my listings in error, thus limiting my sales.
vila_restor13:53 PM
This is in breach of my contract with ebay UK.

Kajal13:53 PM
Sure. Please stay connected. I will get you over to my manager.
Kajal14:01 PM
Thank you for the time offered.
Kajal14:01 PM
Hope we are still connected right?

vila_restor14:02 PM
Yes, I have all day should it be required.

Kajal14:03 PM
My manager will get back to you via email within 24-48 hours.

vila_restor14:03 PM
Very well. Goodbye.

Kajal14:03 PM
Thank you for contacting eBay Live help. Have a great time ahead. Bye and take care! Stay safe, Henry
Chat session has ended

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