01-OCT-2020  Ebay Systems Show Me As Being On Holiday When I Am Not.

Back on 28th August 2020 I spotted that some of my listings were showing a message saying that, "The seller is away and is not processing orders at this time."  This is what normally happens when you go into your shop settings and say that you are on holiday.  Depending on the settings you choose, you can allow people to still buy things, but they shouldn't expect it to be sent until you get back.  As a result, you should expect considerably reduced sales.  In practice, that is indeed what you see.  Given that I have not used the shop holiday settings for some weeks, I am rather upset to see that my sales are being ruined by another ebay site error.  The error was not present on every listing, but it was on many of them.  They were not difficult to find.  Here are some examples that were seen:

28-AUG-2020 11:01 Example 1

Incorrect Display Of Ebay Holiday Settings
        28/08/2020 1

01-SEP-2020 11:57 Example 2

Incorrect Seller Away Ebay Message 01/09/2020 2

01-SEP-2020 12:00 Example 3

Incorrect Message Says That I Am Not Procesing
        Ebay Orders 01/09/2020 3

02-SEP-2020 16:35 Example 4

Ebay Malfunction Damages Sales By Incorrect Holiday Display

02-SEP-2020 16:45 Example 5, Same as above via an Opera VPN set to Oslo

Ebay shows me as
                          out of stock incorrectly thus capping sales

02-SEP-2020 18:00 Example 6

The above example again, after editing to add more stock and a promotion.  It is still incorrectly showing "Seller Away."

Ebay still incorrectly says The Seller Is Away On
        Holiday 02/09/2020

What does the ebay Seller 'Support' telephone line have to say about this?  Let's find out shall we?  You can click on the link below to hear the conversation.

02-SEP-2020 Call To Ebay Seller Support to Ask Them Why My Listings Say That I am On Holiday When I am Not.

Call Summary:

1)  We identify the problem.
2)  Ebay say that they are aware of the problem as of five hours ago and make the usual excuses.  I indicate that I was aware of it four days ago, so I'm surprised at that. 
3)  The call operative says that, "It will not affect my sales."  Can you honestly believe it?  No.  Nor could I, and I made that quite clear.
4)  There is no timescale for correction or any explanation.

Why ebay could possibly be messing about with the shop holiday settings display is beyond my comprehension.  Is ebay deliberately limiting my sales in certain geographical areas by these means, and on this occasion it became visible to me accidentally?  What is the other explanation?  I have not noticed a repeat occurrence since 2nd September, but I have received no follow-up on the correction of this problem or its cause. 

So, Robert Hattrell, V.P. of Ebay UK who, "is responsible for all ebay UK activities," I hope that your staff are keeping you well informed of these problems.  I request that they do so every single time that I call.  You may add finding out the cause of this particular malfunction and preventing its re-occurrence to your list of priorities.

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