eBay Systems Failure Allows Customers From Disallowed Postage Locations to Place Orders

I've nothing against Puerto Rico other than the fact that, like many other countries in the world, their postal service is rubbish.  That's why I explicitly disallow purchases from, for example, Puerto Rico.  Imagine my surprise when I receive an order from that country in my "Orders Awaiting Dispatch," list.  This is annoying for customers, annoying for me, and if I cancel and refund the order, of course, as per the liar on the telephone below says, I get all my fees for the transaction back, right?  Wrong.  That's a lie.  eBay keeps some of the fees for that cancelled transaction unless you track it down for six hours and get an ex-gratia payment.  Which, I would point out, I still have not got.

I almost forgot about the tremendous eBay lie told to me in the first conversation linked below.  "Oooo, Postage locations can not be disallowed.  You have to block the users one-by-one."  You may think that after five minutes on hold that this is just stupidity.  No, I've been there before.  An ebay whopping lie, after which I appear to get, not so much cut-off properly, as "Blu-Tack over the microphoned."

Millions of pounds are in eBay coffers worldwide because of these so-called "glitches."  But I don't allow them to be called glitches.  Oh no.  Sorry, Murray Lambell.  I'm not having that after our personal conversation in Manchester last September 2021, since which you completely ignored my most mathematically and politely presented complaint: 

Ebay, and Invisible Sales Throttling, Caps, Levelling or Limits Related to UK VAT Thresholds

Oh well.  The truth will out...

10-MAR-2022 Incident of eBay Systems Allowing A Purchase From Disallowed Postage Location Puerto Rico

As detailed above, here are the two telephone calls about the first of two incidents:

Audio Recording 10-MAR-2022: Ebay Seller Support Lie, then Cover the Microphone and Stop Talking When Challenged, Call 1

YouTube Video of eBay Telephone Line Of Lies: Excluded Postage Countries Fails to operate, 10-MAR-2022 Ep 01

Local Video Copy puerto_rico_1_edit.mp4

Audio Recording 10-MAR-2022: Ebay Seller Support Lie Again, and There is no Satisfactory Resolution Call 2

YouTube Video of eBay Telephone Line Of Lies: Excluded Postage Countries Fails to operate, 10-MAR-2022 Ep 02

Local Video Copy puerto_rico_2_edit.mp4

A more competent liar, who still lies telling me that "All fees will be credited back."  That's a lie.  Certainly the flat transaction fee is not credited back without a manual ex-gratia payment.

24-MAR-2022 Second Incidence of eBay Systems Allowing a Purchase from Disallowed Postage Location Puerto Rico.

This is much of the same, only after a total of eight minutes on hold I get through to manager Lyndsey.  As a manager, Lyndsey is clearly not used to being confronted with the truth.  Well, welcome to the real world of customer service, Lyndsey.  I am your customer, and I won't be lied to without making it clear that I realise that it is happening.  Here is the audio recording and a link to the YouTube video version:

Audio Recording 24-MAR-2022: Ebay Seller Support Lie about Crediting all Fees When Cancelling a Transaction From an Excluded Postage Location Due to Their Website Failure.

Youtube Video of eBay Telephone Line of Lies: Excluded Postage Countries Fails to Operate, 24-MAR-2022 Ep 03

Local Video Copy puerto_rico_24032022.mp4

I did receive an email response, rather mysteriously from "
authenticsneakeruk@ebay.co.uk" which goes as follows:

Thu 24/03/2022 17:14

Hello Henry,

Regarding below transactions:

120743329648 - nXXX-XXX0
123578578694 - aXX_XX4

Lyndsey here from the leadership team, thank you for talking to me today and for bringing this issue to my attention.

I have double checked on both March orders, and can see that you have long had these countries excluded.

This is now being reviewed by our technical team, and I apologise for the inconvenience of this.  Once I hear the feedback from them, I will let you know. I am out of office until April 24th and will check it on my return.  In the meantime all fees for the two sales have been credit back to your account, please allow up to 24 hours for this to be reflected

Thanking you for your patience

Kind Regards


ebay leadership team

[THREAD ID: 1-428549062126]
eBay Document ID: 116870901008

I still think that not using your full name in business communications is unprofessional, particularly if you are one of the ebay leadership team, but well; Joy unrestrained eh?  Do you think that it will be explained and fixed? 
We shall see what happens.

General email address checked daily including the spam folders:  vila_nestor@hotmail.com

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