Ebay Remove Vital Functionality From Seller Hub By Way Of An Upgrade

Updated 28-NOV-2019. Please scroll down for the latest news.

If you've ever sold more than one or two items on ebay and subscribe to Seller Hub, or get that feature 'free' with a shop subscription, you'll know that it's very useful to select all the items in "Manage Orders Awaiting Dispatch," and hit the "Download Report" button.  That immediately dumps a .csv file on your hard drive, you can open it in Excel, cut the stack of orders into another spreadsheet and then use a link to Word to print out your forty or fifty address labels all in one go.  Cleverer people than I have probably figured out much better ways to do it, but it's quick once it's set up, and it helps avoid packing errors. 

Or rather it did, up until 19:40 on 1st October 2019.

The "Manage Orders Awaiting Dispatch" page had been upgraded!  No, it has not.  It's been turned into a complete shambles.  Maybe this was one of those attempts at improved mobile usability.  Well thanks ebay, because now business users can't use it properly at all.  All of the customisability has been removed, so now you see only what ebay thinks is relevant to some monkey selling two things a week on their mobile phone.  Postage paid can not be shown in the list view.  Postcodes can not be shown, even the actual postage rate required to send can't be shown.  No.  Now you have to click on each individual item, scroll down the options, click to view the details, click to copy the address, paste it into a label print window, print it, click to go back to the list, click this, click that...  It takes about three times longer than usual to process an item and is a serious retrograde step back into amateurism.

That's bad, but what happens when you click on "Download Report" to generate the data for your labels as detailed above?  You see this:

Ebay's Excuse For
              Removing Download Report from Seller Hub

"Classic" File Management Centre?  You mean Useless File Management Centre that can take hours and is only intended for occasional use for big files?  The one that looks like Web 1998 and sends you an email when it's finally finished doing the job?
It even says at the bottom, "Note:  Downloads may take a day past your scheduled time to become available."

        1998 Style Excuse for Downloading Ready to Send Items

I'm all for a bit of nostalgia but good grief.  Just look at this.

        File Exchange Centre, Not fit for downloading daily sales for
        label printing.

I wouldn't call that very mobile friendly.  All you need now is a scrolling banner and "Best Viewed in 800x600."  (That's a 20th century joke, kids.)

"We're working on an improved solution for downloading orders."

What you actually mean is that you couldn't be bothered to finish this dubious page upgrade before you made it live, in order to meet a deadline and get your management bonus.  It's like Soviet Russia.

Anyway, let's join the fray once more and see what the ebay seller support line has to say about it. 

Call to Ebay seller support on 01-OCT-2019 concerning the removal of essential functions from Seller Hub and in particular, download of items ready to send from Manage Orders Awaiting Dispatch.

Summary:  I'm not really sure what the summary was at the end of this, other than, "Tough.  We do what we like, however bad it is for our own business and regardless of how stupid it is."  I do get particularly annoyed during this call though, when the lady operative suggests that it's my fault for not using the perfectly good alternative. 

Correspondence with Ebay Customer Services

Seemingly out of the blue, and not necessarily directly connected with the telephone call, a site message arrives from Ebay Customer Services. 

eBay Customer Service SR# 1-229464998726
Hello Henry Walmsley,

Warm greetings from eBay!
This is an email about the updates that has been happening to our web site. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you. We have changes with our Seller Hub and if you have some feedback and suggestions please let us know so that we can escalate it to our specialist and we will make sure that everything is running smoothly on your account.
Thank you for doing business with eBay!

Respectfully Yours,

eBay Customer Service
[THREAD ID: 1-229464998726]

The facility to download an 'items awaiting dispatch' report has been removed. This is use daily by hundreds of thousands of users to print labels. Directing me to a 1998 style email download page is not acceptable. Put It Back The Way It Was, and do not make random updates without ensuring that they are actually ready.


RE: eBay Customer Service SR# 1-229464998726

Hello Henry,

Thank you for your reply with regards to download 'items awaiting dispatch' report.

Henry, I understand the importance of downloading the report of 'awaiting dispatch items' and I would be happy to help you. I would request you to please download the report from eBay.com site. You will get the option of downloading the report from seller hub .com site.

Below is the link for your reference.

Our technical team is upgrading the seller hub so some of the features may not be accessible in eBay UK site so I would request you to please use eBay.com till then.

I appreciate your understanding in this matter. Have a Great day!

Kind regards,
Harshad G.
eBay Customer Support.
[THREAD ID: 1-2XF02504]

Unacceptable. I suggest that you refrain from updating pages before they are ready for release. I also note that the page can no longer be customised to show the postage rate selected etc. Useless.

RE: eBay Customer Service SR# 1-229464998726

Hello Henry,
Thank you for writing back to eBay customer support.

Henry, I appreciate your efforts for reporting to us about this issue. I can indeed understand the impact this issue must be having on your overall experience as you have been associated with eBay since a long time.  The changes that we introduce are strategically times and gradually introduced on every account. We want to offer the best and features for our customers to take necessary actions.

This limits us to make any manual adjustments to offer the old layout. We recommend you to use the 'Tell us what you think' to share your feedback and suggestions. This will help us to make the necessary changes in coming days.  Why the problem happened -Let me tell you pro actively that the problem you’ve explained is declared as technical issue on eBay after receiving similar reports from other members. Our technical team is now looking into the issue on high priority.

We've already forwarded the details of the issue to the technical department. Rest assured, technical team is currently investigating on priority to determine the root cause of issue and how to fix it.  Regarding what we are doing to fix it - I can assure you that when these situations do arise we always work as quickly as possible to try and solve the problems. This is very important to us, as we want our community of users to enjoy the best possible trading experience and use all of the features available on the site.

Our site development team is looking into it at the highest priority as we don't want our members to get effected due to the glitch.

Thank you once again for highlighting this to us and mostly importantly we appreciate your patience and understanding in the meantime. We promise to learn from this experience and be a better eBay in future.  This is a rare occurrence; I though understand it is an inconvenience for our members and thus, please consider our apologies for the inconvenience. I appreciate your patience all throughout.

Kind regards,
Sejal P.

eBay Customer Support

(End of correspondence so far.  The timestamps are a bit confused due, I assume, to different time zones)

What a pile of BS.  It's not a glitch, it was completely known about in advance as indicated by the pop-up error message window on the UK site.  Calling it a glitch is an ebay lie.  Using ebay.com does appear to work for this download feature though.  Some currency appears correctly in GBP, but some does not.  I'm clearly not supposed to be using ebay.com, despite this official advice.  What other problems are going to crop up by using ebay.com as a UK seller I can only guess at;  The possibilities are endless.  Other vital data such as sales graphs in seller hub don't show, so I'd have to swap between sites.  However, I'll try it.  It might be interesting to see what collapses, and to find out just how bad this advice from
Harshad G was.

On a final note and as mentioned elsewhere, Harshad G and Sejal P:  It is unprofessional to hide behind a partial name in what you consider to be official correspondence. 

Update 28-NOV-2019

Thank goodness, the "download report" feature was replaced after a week or so.  All the rest of the hilarious "seller hub" is still in its freshly ruined <cough> oh, I mean Upgraded state, though.  You can't see the postage rate that the customer has selected.  You can't see the name of the "send-to" address or postcode.  No.  It shows the registered ebay users name, not where to send it, making it impossible in many cases to match it to the printed address label without viewing the sales record individually.  If you wanted to slow down your toy-town website still further by making sellers double their page demands ebay, you've just succeeded.  Well done web-monkeys, another winner!  I hope your manager got his bonus.

I note that they are still messing about with it too.  SKUs have disappeared from the "Manage orders awaiting dispatch" view.  This could be good or bad, depending on what you liked, or if your SKUs were well organised.  (SKUs are your own specific codes or names which uniquely identify a particular item)  You used to be able to choose, and it worked.

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